Recruit More Prospects! MLM Network Marketing Recruiting Tips: Mindset, Inviting Leads, and Growing Your Team

Recruit the Most Important Person FIRST


Some Network Marketers recruit team members by telling them how easy it is to make money in the NWM industry. In many of these cases, these leaders over-promise, and, as a result, their new team members under-deliver. 


When people are recruited on the premise that the job is easy, they may not realize the time, effort, and skill that is actually required. They may not really want to work THAT hard. 


The truth is, network marketing is SIMPLE, but it definitely is not EASY.


I remember when I first started in network marketing, my mentor sat me down and told me that the number one thing to remember is that the only person you’re going to have to recruit is yourself.


Yeah, right. (insert eye roll)


This left me thinking… this isn’t going to work. What about recruiting others? I have to grow a team to be successful. 


But here’s the thing, recruiting yourself means that you’re decisive. When you’re indecisive about your any aspect of the business, why would anyone want to join you? If you aren’t sure your products are really that great, that is going to come through to potential customers. Why would they buy from you? If you aren’t real committed to your company or the network marketing industry, that will be apparent to your prospects. Why would they want to join your team?



So, really, it all comes down to ONE THING: Are you committed? You have to DECIDE one way or the other, and then, TAKE ACTION.


If you’re committed to your products, how can you make that apparent to your potential customers, both on social media and in real life? 


If you’re committed to your company and the industry, how can you make that apparent to your prospects. Because really, you’re setting the example for how they will grow their team too!


What makes network marketers indecisive?




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Posted by Rob L. Sperry on Monday, October 15, 2018


It’s important to remember that fear is simply an emotion in the future based on possibility that may or may not even happen


Instead of letting fear dictate your business, ask yourself, “What can I do right now, today, in this moment, to work toward my goal.” And remember, even the smallest steps forward are still steps toward reaching your goal…right?!


Consider this, If you haven’t made the decision to commit to your business, how can you expect others to make the decision to buy from you or to work with you?


Once you’ve recruited yourself, you’ll want to recruit others. Check out these tips for improving your success rate when it comes to THE CLOSE that I put together for you:


You can’t simply ask your prospect, “So what do you think? Are you ready to join my business” You just won’t get the response (or new team members) you are looking for!




You have to remind them of the reasons why they were excited…build their confidence and their belief before mentioning anything about joining your team.

For example, “I know that you are so excited about that bonus opportunity right before the holidays…” or “I’m so glad you are loving _____ (whatever your product is) and you seemed so excited to share that with others and to possibly pay for dance classes…”

This also goes a long way to show that you are listening to them!You understand what their needs and goals are. So they see that you are most likely to support them…not just recruit them and leave them.


ASK THEM!! On a scale of 1-10, where’s your interest level, 10 being “this is the greatest thing ever and 1 being “I’m not interested at all.”

If they are a 7-10, they are ready to join! This is where you step into your leadership role and guide them. Be the influencer not the boss: My first goal is to help you, at the very least, make your money back!

If they are a 6 or below, they still need information. Instead of “going for the hard close,” you might say, “It looks like you need more info so you can make the decision that’s best for you.” And then ask questions (Tip #3 below).


Get better at asking the right questions — Objections help you overcome and shift their perspective.

ASK THEM!!! “What is your biggest concern or fear?” Rather than just assuming you know.

This is where listening and third-party validation will come in handy and be most effective.

Remember, this is not necessarily an overnight process! Some prospects may need to go through this cycle more than once before they are committed.


Did you know that there is a lot of psychology that plays a role in people’s receptiveness as you invite them to take a look at your product or business?


Are YOU using the right approach? Is your TEAM? 


Watch the FB Live I did on this exact topic! 


It can help you increase your recruit / recruiting success rate from the initial interaction with your prospect.