Social Media Daily Checklist for the Busy Mom: Got 15 minutes a Day?

Contributed by MARINA SIMONE

In 2012, I received THAT CALL. An old boyfriend from high school asked me if I was happy with my financial situation if I was happy at my job and I said NO! He asked if I understood residual income and asked if I kept my options open when it came to making money. Ummmmm yes!

For 2 years I grinded with this company! I gave it every bone in my body! This was it! I could taste my retirement! I could make tons of money and be home with my daughter!  UM yea no!

I didn’t make a $. I actually spent more than I was making. I grew resentful of the industry and felt like I was sold a dream!

Looking back, I NOW have gratitude.

March 2014 I was approached again. This time I was READY. Nothing was getting in my way. This was my SHOT! My families SHOT at success and I made the choice to take this to the top. In 4 short months, I became the top 12 income earner in my company!



How many times a day should I post on social media? What should I be posting? I am getting lost in the Facebook world!


How much time should I spend on Facebook? Sound familiar?


How can I plan my week without scrabbling around, trying to feed the kids, meal plan for the week, and maybe fit in brushing my teeth LOL (newborn mom life)?


I have created this SOS Facebook Tracking guide to help you attract leads daily and follow to boost your posts up in the algorithm. But before you dive into this episode, don’t forget to grab this weeks free download, my SOS Facebook tracker. Click here to grab your free download.


In this episode I will share with you How to properly use my SOS Social Facebook Tracker to leverage yourself to attract more leads and influencers your way. I will also share the 10-4-1 rule with you and my favorite app that helps me with my content creation.


I legit am going to share with you my posting strategy so it can help you find your own MOJO when it comes to posting on social media. This will help you with your Daily method of operation!



This SOS tracker is for you to plan and plug your content in.


Click here to watch the full training episode


Sundays are my family days along with meal planning. After my daughter gets to bed (maybe baby Madelyn too, you know what it’s like having a new born LOL) I take the time to plan out my week.


For instance, if you find something Educational during the week that you enjoyed, you can use this to expand on next week. I keep the same theme through out my stories as well (for example when my blog publishes on Monday, that whole week I plan content around that blog subject).


It’s great to have your content flow. Once your content flow it makes people feel like you are taking them on a journey.

For example, let’s say you read a book this week on X, choose a topic from that book to expand on for the week. Spend some time planning and figuring it out.


One thing I want you to remember during this planning is that it is not all going to come to you at once. It’s going to take some time to master but start thinking like a professional social media influencer.


What is the 10-4-1


You make NO MORE THAN 16 posts a week on Facebook, I personally do anywhere from 12-15 including Facebook lives.


The 10-  

These are 10 Generic posts following the SOS Tracker. Empower posts, Educational posts, and Entertainment posts.


The 4-

These are the indirect posts about your business or product. For example you can do two indirect product posts and two indirect business posts. Here are a couple of examples to show the differences


Indirect Product post examples:

Anti-Aging/Skin Care: You can expand on the fruits and berries that you can eat that make your skin clear.

Weight loss: “What’s the one thing that holds you back from getting into the pants you always wanted to wear from back in the day?”

Indirect Business Post idea: “Have you ever referred someone and got paid for it?”


The 1-

Direct post where you ask people to get inside your Facebook group or about your product/business with out saying the name of your company or product. An example would be making a post about the benefits of your product (Direct Product Post) or making a post about a webinar coming up (direct business post).

This rule will go hand in hand when following the SOS Tracker.



Example Posting Formula


Monday – 1 post in the AM and 1 post in the PM with a Facebook live


Tuesday –  1 post in the AM and 1 post in the PM


Wednesday – 1 post in the AM and 1 post in the PM with a Facebook live


Thursday- 1 post in the AM and 1 post in the PM


Friday- 1 post in the AM and 1 post in the PM


Saturday and Sundays – I create 1 post and stick to 10 Facebook stories. I never do an indirect or direct post on the weekends because I’ve noticed there is not much engagement on these posts on the weekend.


Now, during the week when you have the two post options and  your morning post is BLOWING UP and getting a lot of engagement, I recommend not posting at night. I still do the Facebook live since my engagement is up. You don’t want to compete with your previous post.


Does that make sense? The post that has created a lot of engagement is going to stay up in the algorithm and if you make another post this will pull people away from the one that’s getting the most engagement.




Example Social Media Post Themes for the Week


Mondays = Motivation

Tuesdays = Tutorial or Testimony

Wednesday = Wealth Wednesday (Business Related)

Thursday = Throwback Thursday/Share Testimony if you didn’t on Tuesday

Friday = Freedom Friday

Saturday/Sunday = Family Fun and Share your weekend


Now, don’t tell people “Today is Freedom Friday” LOL you just set this in place so when you are planning out your content for the week you know exactly what to be posting.


My Favorite Planning App


Here is my favorite app I love to use when creating my posting schedule for the week that way I am not scrabbling around trying to figure out my content.


  1. Evernote – This app allows you to get your ideas out of your brain aka brain dumping. I don’t know about you but sometimes I think of posts out of the blue and this helps me write down so I don’t forget it! You can absolutely use this for your Facebook/Instagram live ideas, story planning, blog posts, and even training’s for your team.
      • Maybe there is an article you stumbled across, you can copy that link and paste it into Evernote.
      • Maybe you want to save your content to re purpose it at another time. Evernote is the way to go.
      • PLUS there are different plans you can choose from depending on your budget.


Basic –  This is the free version which allows you to take notes and attach PDFs, files, docs, and images. You can stay organized by searching and finding your notes, creating tags and sort your files. This version also allows you to share with one or more friends while restricting editing options.


Premium – This plan is $7.99 includes all of the basic plan PLUS allows you to forward emails into your Evernote, scan and create contacts, annotates PDFs, allows you to search text in PDFs, see history of your notes, turn a note into a presentation and so much more!


Business – Minimum of 2 users at $14.99/mo/user and includes all that is in Basic and Premium. The main difference of this is that it you have Team collaboration and administration options.

(You can check out more details by clicking here.)


Hope you found this helpful and don’t forget to grab your FREE SOS Tracker download so you can plan your week accordingly mama!

Let’s Slay Online Sales!


Marina Simone


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