5 Tips to Creating your Story in Your Network Marketing MLM Business

Contributed by Coach Brian Fryer

Before I personally enrolled hundreds of people in my network, built teams into the multiple thousands, rose from zero to become a network marketing leader, before there was Coach Fryer…I was, well– ignored.

My friends and family wanted nothing to do with my “pyramid schemes.” Even worse, I used to believe social media marketing meant spreading spammy-looking posts that sent everyone running for the hills.

That’s when I threw myself into studying this new social media marketing world that had sprung up. I spent countless hours learning and testing out how to grow my online presence, develop a brand that attracted the right kind of clients, and create and post content that converts prospects into customers.

Now I help other network marketers do the same for their business. I get a sense of pride and fulfilment when I help fellow network marketers succeed, which is why I’ve taken my experience and started a coaching business so I can share my expertise with people like you.

5 Tips to Creating your Story in Your Network Marketing MLM Business

One of the most powerful tools in network marketing is stories. Learning how to tell your story will help not only attract people to you, but help you become relatable. Therefore, you are someone people want to spend time with.

Remember, we are a relationship business.

And, I know I drive this home a lot! But when you keep this at the forefront, you can never go wrong.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you 5 tips on how you can create and deliver your story to others. And, the story may be chunked into several conversations (patience is important). But, knowing how to position and tell your story will change the face of your business.

Let’s Create your Story

First and foremost start with who YOU are. Forget about your amazing products and incredible opportunity – who are you? You could go back to when you were first introduced to the industry. What was your profession? Maybe include a little about your family or social circle.

Telling your prospects more about your background will absolutely help them connect to you.

Think about who your prospect is. Are they working full time in a career they want to make a change? Similar to how you did? Using your history will bring them closer, I promise.

Every great story has a conflict.

Recently, Eric Worre shared at his Go Pro event that every great story has a conflict. Let me explain. Chances are you got involved in network marketing because of a pain point;

  1. In need of extra income
  2. Want to have more time freedom
  3. Leave your job/career
  4. Want to regain your health

… among so many others. Share that pain you had – that need. Make sure these are real life scenarios and they’re there when you dig a little deeper than the surface. In some ways, this is your WHY … that why typically stems from a pain point. And guess what? Your prospect has them too, and they will start to uncover theirs by you, sharing yours.

Once you’ve shared your background and the pain associated with it, you can shift gears and this is what brings us to the third tip.

Share the Solution through your Story.

Remember those pain points you shared in number 2? Well, in tip number 3 this is where you want to share the solution you found. ‘This is why I joined my network marketing company’.

Always make sure that your solution is tied to that pain point.

Because listen, we know that network marketing has solved thousands of problems worldwide – that is your role. Share how it’s helped you, changed you and most importantly helped you alleviate that pain mentioned above.

The more you do this, the more they relate.

Let’s Talk about your Future.

Jim Rohn shared with us years ago; ‘work full time at your job and part time on your fortune’.

This is a great opportunity to share your vision, your long-term plan. This area can obviously vary based on where you are at in your network marketing business. Meaning, chances are you are still working full-time – great – share that. Let them know you have a plan. You are using your solution to fuel your future goals.

This helps paint a picture for your prospects. Almost like that light at the end of the tunnel. Give them that!

Now, let’s get your Story out there!

Here’s the key to all of this. My last tip for you is to go out and share your story. In a month, you should be aiming to tell your story at least 100 times. This will not only help you become more comfortable in telling it but it will also help you make those connections the right way.

Naturally, once we’ve shared a story people want to reciprocate. This of course is where you want to utilize your active listening skills and asking open ended questions, being genuinely interested.

Go out there and share your story because it deserves to be heard.

Would you like some feedback on the story you’ve created? If so, let me know in the comments – I’m happy to help work through helping you deliver your story more effectively and consistency.

What FREEDOM are you fighting for in your Network Marketing Biz? 

Contributed by Ashleigh Mayfield

I am 100% DEBT FREE. I never thought I would say that. Just 3 years ago I was a full time Retail Manager and my husband was a Pastor on staff and we were so tired. I’m not sure how I never realized working 50-60 hours a week only being paid 40 was robbing me and my family, but it did for a long time. It took me 18 months to join Network Marketing and when I did was a broken person. I had little confidence in myself but was sure I could make an extra $200-$300 monthly. Fast forward 3 years, and Network Marketing has allowed me to display my passion for Leadership and developing Leaders. We paid off $63,801.99 in 6 months and I am passionate about helping others find their FREEDOM. To see normal humans, just like myself (ok maybe I’m a little crazy!) quit part time jobs, stay home with babies, come home to babies and pay off debt faster because of what we do has lit my soul on fire. No matter who you are, or where you’re at, you can do this. You can find total freedom in your life. You can become greater than you were yesterday. You can find the freedom you’re so desperately looking for. There is nothing greater on the inside of me that is not on the inside of you.




What FREEDOM are you fighting for? 


I’ll never forget the moment I wanted to walk away from Network Marketing. It was December 2016, I had been in for about 7 months and was completely and utterly stuck. I didn’t know how to break through my glass ceiling and things were going downhill fast. Volume was dropping, my team was dropping and all of that resulted in my check dropping. I was averaging about $500 monthly, but was ready to quit. Why continue to struggle and put myself through pain? Why continue on this hamster wheel? This doesn’t work for people like me. 


Expect it does… and it does you too. You see what I didn’t realize was God was shifting things on the inside of me, and I just needed to hang on a little bit longer for the break through moment. We’re all fighting for a freedom. When I committed to giving Network Marketing ONE YEAR, up until month 7 I really hadn’t given it my all. I wanted freedom desperately. As a former Retail Manager, working 50-60 hours a week but only paid 40 was exhausting. I didn’t like the people I worked with, let alone the grumpy customers. I was so good at my J-O-B but how do I take that same gift set and thrive in an ENTREPRENEUR industry? I was stuck… but God was shifting me. 


How did I get there? I did a few things. It’s important to know that since implementing these in January of 2017 – I’m now a Top Income earner in my company, I’ve spoken on stages across the country and I still make mistakes daily LOL. That’s right. I’m a human first, which is why my personal mission is to help #buildbetterhumans. We are extremely passionate about people finding their FREEDOM, with the emphasis on financial freedom. We’ve paid off $63,801.99 in 6 months and are 100% debt free. Here are the 3 things I did to absolutely transform my mindset and climb out of my hole:


  1. I made a DECISION – I know you’re thinking “Really Ashleigh, come on”, but it’s true. I woke up January 2017 and decided to go ALL IN. As women (sorry men), when we’ve had enough…. WE’VE HAD ENOUGH. I posted signs all over my house to have a constant reminder of where I was going. I’ve always known what I was running from, but I needed to be reminded of what I was running towards. 
  1. I stayed in the FIRE – I made sure I was plugged in as much as possible. I was coachable and a sponge. I paid attention, asked questions and for goodness sake I listened more than I spoke (SO HARD LOL). I went to every event. I was on every meeting available. I watched the YouTube videos. I’m talking TOTAL IMMERSION. No one was going to do this for me, so I wasn’t waiting to get fed. I fed myself. 
  1. I checked my CIRCLE – A persons belief (or lack there of) in YOU can make or break you. I knew I had to surround myself with people who would breath life into me, also people who had what I wanted. People who were further than me. I had to stop picking up the phone right away when the doubtful family members called, and I had to delete the negative comments on Facebook and move on. If I wanted to BE ON the next level, I had to ACT LIKE a next level and be surrounded by who ACHIEVED what I wanted. Success leaves clues. 


These 3 tips might not seem intense, but you’d be shocked how much we don’t monitor them. Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. You are worthy of your breakthrough so do not quit – You are the Captain of your Ship. XOXO, Ashleigh 

How to Build a 6-Figure Income While Working a Job Full Time

Contributed by Rhiannon Neuharth

I am a wife, mother of two (one born missing part of her immune system), Disney lover, and former science teacher. I’ve been in the industry for about 10 years total. I started NWM at 18 because I didn’t want anyone else telling me what to do. 

When I started NWM I was 18. I was overweight, self-conscious, and terrified of talking to people. I didn’t wear makeup, or dress up yet somehow I ended up in a very feminine makeup company (twice).   

After that company I had to file bankruptcy. I earned a title and a car but no money (I was 24 when I filed bankruptcy).   

The personal development I got while there though set me on course for who I am today. I now can talk to anyone anywhere. I can speak in front of groups on stages without breaking a sweat. That bankruptcy might have stuck with me for 10 years-but it taught me growth and change are inevitable and priceless.  

My second company I was with for 5 years. I promoted quickly but stayed stuck. After a multitude of issues with a trainer corporate hired I felt like I could no longer morally stand by where I was. Slowly my business trickled away and I faded into the darkness. I made 250k in that company over 5 years, paid off about 33k in debt one year and worked myself to oblivion (15-18 hours a day). This gave me a false illusion of freedom because I was constantly working. That company allowed me the financial freedom to pick up my family and move across the country for my daughters health. I had a big team-but I was the only person consistently showing up. There were no other leaders to support the team, so I burnt out quickly in addition to the moral issues walking away was disheartening but necessary.   

After that I went to scrubbing toilets and a small jewelry company. I was embarrassed, defeated and ashamed. I didn’t want a team. I earned enough to help put some food on the table (even if that meant I went without). After that I regrettably went back to teaching.   

Not long after I went back to teaching I found my current company. I’ve now been here two years and we’ve accomplished more our first year than I tried to in my last business in 5.   

We’ve paid off credit cards, took vacations, and just last week paid off my husbands car. While I’m not perfect not claim to be I bust my ass every single day for my team. Am I perfect? Nope. Did I claim to be. Nope. But if you truly look at this industry as a whole you’ll see the Highs and lows. You tend to only see the page in people’s book that shows success. You don’t see the struggle, the blood sweat and tears. The doubt the worry the fear. The obstacles. The realization that you will never ALWAYS be growing.   

Also-Include your family in your adventures. We do a lot of vendor events as a family. A couple weeks ago Emma (my 7 year old) told me she was nervous. I told her “a closed mouth don’t get fed honey-if you want to make money go talk to the people!” She got over it! And this past weekend she begged to come back to the event to work so she could make money 🤪. If my 7 year old can do this industry-why can’t you?   

The point by all this is KEEP GOING! You may need to change the vehicle to your dreams, but never give up on those dreams!! 


The Network Marketing industry is one ticket available for any person on this Earth who wishes to enter the realm of riches in the world & yet we find majority of people struggling to make it past basic levels in business.

Why is that?

Why in this literally equal opportunity for all, many people never get equal results or desirable success?

Its because of these major issues that come along with people who come from all walks of life into this business.


No Entry Barriers

This the most beautiful thing about our business & also the cause of the problem.


As most of the companies in our industry offer free joining now hence anyone can come to this business regardless of their qualifications or experience.

And therefore most of the people who come into our business never leave the mentality of a job person or any previous feild they were from and they use the same mindset of past in the business.

Anyone without a proper commitment can enter the business and when they are required to leave their comfort zone, they would rather leave the business.

We are all self made, but only the Successful will admit it.

It is easier to blame the system then to admit one’s incompetence.


Fears, Doubts, Belief System

Strong results require strong activity, & strong actions can only come from strong belief system. 

But average people are filled with internal doubts that they dont get cleared, fears that they don’t overcome. Like fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of change, and they never build faith in the industry their company, products or sometimes even themselves, which in turn leads to then not being able to perform at their potential.

A doubtful person can never build trust in others.

A fearful person can never build confidence in others.

A non believer can never generate faith in others or results for themselves.


Unreal expectations

Majority of people who fail or quit enter the business without the mindset of a business, we call them lottery jumpers, or luck testers.

They hope to get rich by the night or a millionaire next month if they sign up for it.

While a normal business can take from an year to 5 for just taking off the ground, people in NWM expect to recieve a bonus of million dollars without even doing the work of a penny sometimes & when they don’t get it they say they knew it wouldn’t work. 

They are not willing to give the effort.

They are not willing to show up.

They are not willing to commit.

They just expect things to happen.


Not Coachable (I know what to do)

The tragedy for many people is that after a specific point they stop learning and drop the learning attitude behind. 

Majority or people don’t learn the fundamentals of our business and they just assume what they need to do & start working according to their own experience or assumptions, which if had to work would have already worked for them in the past & they would already be Successful which they are not in most cases.

Just like a surgeon and tailor both do cutting and stitching, doesn’t mean a tailor can perform a surgery.

Hence not everyone who knows or thinks he knows about sales can perform great in this business, they need to learn the skills required.


Working Sporadically

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying brick every single day.

There are part timers in this business who will make millions.

There are full timers in the business who will make a fortune.

But then there are people who we call sometimers which will never reach anywhere unfortunately.

There is always a need for a work ethic, a routine for any great feat.

Just like one can never build a great physique by working out 8 hours for one day once in a while, by giving even only 10 to 20 minutes daily one can be at his physical best.

Similarly one can never build a business by working hard once in a while when motivated and then forgetting that they have a business.

If one can overcome these internal challenges they can achieve their highest of dreams.

Collaboration Instead of Competition

Contributed by Laura Wells

Laura Wells has been involved in the network marketing industry for nearly 20 years as a rep and corporate roles. She has been a social media speaker two times at Eric Worre’s GoPro Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing events, is the former President of The Heart Link Women’s Network, and she also worked with the digital marketing agency behind the Zig Ziglar brand. Laura retired her husband from his full time career in her 4th month of business with her network marketing company, and they recently bought their dream home on the river in the mountains of north Georgia. Laura has earned multiple six-figures through her current network marketing company and loves training people in the industry while uplifting and inspiring them through her positive videos.





Confidence is not “I’m better than her”.
Confidence is “she’s great and so am I”. 


Outside of our profession, people view us as a dog-eat-dog, competitive, and catty bunch. Yes, some people are like that, as in any profession, but seriously – network marketers, how can we rise up and show the world what our community is really all about?  


The first step is to get over ourselves enough to clap for each others’ wins.  
Collaborate. Let go of the unhealthy competitive aggressiveness. 


Recognition because of numbers is great, sure. But, wouldn’t you rather be recognized for achieving those numbers and earning those awards without stepping on people’s necks on the way to the top? Most of you reading this would, I know!  


Confidence is not aggressiveness. We need more network marketers cheering each other on, collaborations, and pats on the back — especially on social media.


It looks like helping someone that you do not financially benefit from.
It looks like collaboration on a team training.
It looks like talking about someone POSITIVELY behind their back.
It looks like including someone who needs help.
It looks like clicking the “heart” on a post from someone outside your team.
It looks like celebrating your side-line’s promotion. 
It looks like ordering from someone considered as your “competition”.
It looks like not being worried about what the girl over there is doing. 


Friends, there’s 👏🏻 enough 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 all!
Sure, that person over there is great.  
And so are YOU!


It is the same for us as network marketing professionals. Like the saying goes, “as the tide rises, all boats rise.” As this profession rises, we all rise. We have to do our part to collaborate and let go of the spirit of unhealthy competitiveness. In the long run, how we do anything is how we do everything. Love wins, every time.