Collaboration Instead of Competition

Contributed by Laura Wells

Laura Wells has been involved in the network marketing industry for nearly 20 years as a rep and corporate roles. She has been a social media speaker two times at Eric Worre’s GoPro Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing events, is the former President of The Heart Link Women’s Network, and she also worked with the digital marketing agency behind the Zig Ziglar brand. Laura retired her husband from his full time career in her 4th month of business with her network marketing company, and they recently bought their dream home on the river in the mountains of north Georgia. Laura has earned multiple six-figures through her current network marketing company and loves training people in the industry while uplifting and inspiring them through her positive videos.





Confidence is not “I’m better than her”.
Confidence is “she’s great and so am I”. 


Outside of our profession, people view us as a dog-eat-dog, competitive, and catty bunch. Yes, some people are like that, as in any profession, but seriously – network marketers, how can we rise up and show the world what our community is really all about?  


The first step is to get over ourselves enough to clap for each others’ wins.  
Collaborate. Let go of the unhealthy competitive aggressiveness. 


Recognition because of numbers is great, sure. But, wouldn’t you rather be recognized for achieving those numbers and earning those awards without stepping on people’s necks on the way to the top? Most of you reading this would, I know!  


Confidence is not aggressiveness. We need more network marketers cheering each other on, collaborations, and pats on the back — especially on social media.


It looks like helping someone that you do not financially benefit from.
It looks like collaboration on a team training.
It looks like talking about someone POSITIVELY behind their back.
It looks like including someone who needs help.
It looks like clicking the “heart” on a post from someone outside your team.
It looks like celebrating your side-line’s promotion. 
It looks like ordering from someone considered as your “competition”.
It looks like not being worried about what the girl over there is doing. 


Friends, there’s 👏🏻 enough 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 all!
Sure, that person over there is great.  
And so are YOU!


It is the same for us as network marketing professionals. Like the saying goes, “as the tide rises, all boats rise.” As this profession rises, we all rise. We have to do our part to collaborate and let go of the spirit of unhealthy competitiveness. In the long run, how we do anything is how we do everything. Love wins, every time.


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