What FREEDOM are you fighting for in your Network Marketing Biz? 

Contributed by Ashleigh Mayfield

I am 100% DEBT FREE. I never thought I would say that. Just 3 years ago I was a full time Retail Manager and my husband was a Pastor on staff and we were so tired. I’m not sure how I never realized working 50-60 hours a week only being paid 40 was robbing me and my family, but it did for a long time. It took me 18 months to join Network Marketing and when I did was a broken person. I had little confidence in myself but was sure I could make an extra $200-$300 monthly. Fast forward 3 years, and Network Marketing has allowed me to display my passion for Leadership and developing Leaders. We paid off $63,801.99 in 6 months and I am passionate about helping others find their FREEDOM. To see normal humans, just like myself (ok maybe I’m a little crazy!) quit part time jobs, stay home with babies, come home to babies and pay off debt faster because of what we do has lit my soul on fire. No matter who you are, or where you’re at, you can do this. You can find total freedom in your life. You can become greater than you were yesterday. You can find the freedom you’re so desperately looking for. There is nothing greater on the inside of me that is not on the inside of you.




What FREEDOM are you fighting for? 


I’ll never forget the moment I wanted to walk away from Network Marketing. It was December 2016, I had been in for about 7 months and was completely and utterly stuck. I didn’t know how to break through my glass ceiling and things were going downhill fast. Volume was dropping, my team was dropping and all of that resulted in my check dropping. I was averaging about $500 monthly, but was ready to quit. Why continue to struggle and put myself through pain? Why continue on this hamster wheel? This doesn’t work for people like me. 


Expect it does… and it does you too. You see what I didn’t realize was God was shifting things on the inside of me, and I just needed to hang on a little bit longer for the break through moment. We’re all fighting for a freedom. When I committed to giving Network Marketing ONE YEAR, up until month 7 I really hadn’t given it my all. I wanted freedom desperately. As a former Retail Manager, working 50-60 hours a week but only paid 40 was exhausting. I didn’t like the people I worked with, let alone the grumpy customers. I was so good at my J-O-B but how do I take that same gift set and thrive in an ENTREPRENEUR industry? I was stuck… but God was shifting me. 


How did I get there? I did a few things. It’s important to know that since implementing these in January of 2017 – I’m now a Top Income earner in my company, I’ve spoken on stages across the country and I still make mistakes daily LOL. That’s right. I’m a human first, which is why my personal mission is to help #buildbetterhumans. We are extremely passionate about people finding their FREEDOM, with the emphasis on financial freedom. We’ve paid off $63,801.99 in 6 months and are 100% debt free. Here are the 3 things I did to absolutely transform my mindset and climb out of my hole:


  1. I made a DECISION – I know you’re thinking “Really Ashleigh, come on”, but it’s true. I woke up January 2017 and decided to go ALL IN. As women (sorry men), when we’ve had enough…. WE’VE HAD ENOUGH. I posted signs all over my house to have a constant reminder of where I was going. I’ve always known what I was running from, but I needed to be reminded of what I was running towards. 
  1. I stayed in the FIRE – I made sure I was plugged in as much as possible. I was coachable and a sponge. I paid attention, asked questions and for goodness sake I listened more than I spoke (SO HARD LOL). I went to every event. I was on every meeting available. I watched the YouTube videos. I’m talking TOTAL IMMERSION. No one was going to do this for me, so I wasn’t waiting to get fed. I fed myself. 
  1. I checked my CIRCLE – A persons belief (or lack there of) in YOU can make or break you. I knew I had to surround myself with people who would breath life into me, also people who had what I wanted. People who were further than me. I had to stop picking up the phone right away when the doubtful family members called, and I had to delete the negative comments on Facebook and move on. If I wanted to BE ON the next level, I had to ACT LIKE a next level and be surrounded by who ACHIEVED what I wanted. Success leaves clues. 


These 3 tips might not seem intense, but you’d be shocked how much we don’t monitor them. Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. You are worthy of your breakthrough so do not quit – You are the Captain of your Ship. XOXO, Ashleigh 

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