5 Tips to Creating your Story in Your Network Marketing MLM Business

Contributed by Coach Brian Fryer

Before I personally enrolled hundreds of people in my network, built teams into the multiple thousands, rose from zero to become a network marketing leader, before there was Coach Fryer…I was, well– ignored.

My friends and family wanted nothing to do with my “pyramid schemes.” Even worse, I used to believe social media marketing meant spreading spammy-looking posts that sent everyone running for the hills.

That’s when I threw myself into studying this new social media marketing world that had sprung up. I spent countless hours learning and testing out how to grow my online presence, develop a brand that attracted the right kind of clients, and create and post content that converts prospects into customers.

Now I help other network marketers do the same for their business. I get a sense of pride and fulfilment when I help fellow network marketers succeed, which is why I’ve taken my experience and started a coaching business so I can share my expertise with people like you.

5 Tips to Creating your Story in Your Network Marketing MLM Business

One of the most powerful tools in network marketing is stories. Learning how to tell your story will help not only attract people to you, but help you become relatable. Therefore, you are someone people want to spend time with.

Remember, we are a relationship business.

And, I know I drive this home a lot! But when you keep this at the forefront, you can never go wrong.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you 5 tips on how you can create and deliver your story to others. And, the story may be chunked into several conversations (patience is important). But, knowing how to position and tell your story will change the face of your business.

Let’s Create your Story

First and foremost start with who YOU are. Forget about your amazing products and incredible opportunity – who are you? You could go back to when you were first introduced to the industry. What was your profession? Maybe include a little about your family or social circle.

Telling your prospects more about your background will absolutely help them connect to you.

Think about who your prospect is. Are they working full time in a career they want to make a change? Similar to how you did? Using your history will bring them closer, I promise.

Every great story has a conflict.

Recently, Eric Worre shared at his Go Pro event that every great story has a conflict. Let me explain. Chances are you got involved in network marketing because of a pain point;

  1. In need of extra income
  2. Want to have more time freedom
  3. Leave your job/career
  4. Want to regain your health

… among so many others. Share that pain you had – that need. Make sure these are real life scenarios and they’re there when you dig a little deeper than the surface. In some ways, this is your WHY … that why typically stems from a pain point. And guess what? Your prospect has them too, and they will start to uncover theirs by you, sharing yours.

Once you’ve shared your background and the pain associated with it, you can shift gears and this is what brings us to the third tip.

Share the Solution through your Story.

Remember those pain points you shared in number 2? Well, in tip number 3 this is where you want to share the solution you found. ‘This is why I joined my network marketing company’.

Always make sure that your solution is tied to that pain point.

Because listen, we know that network marketing has solved thousands of problems worldwide – that is your role. Share how it’s helped you, changed you and most importantly helped you alleviate that pain mentioned above.

The more you do this, the more they relate.

Let’s Talk about your Future.

Jim Rohn shared with us years ago; ‘work full time at your job and part time on your fortune’.

This is a great opportunity to share your vision, your long-term plan. This area can obviously vary based on where you are at in your network marketing business. Meaning, chances are you are still working full-time – great – share that. Let them know you have a plan. You are using your solution to fuel your future goals.

This helps paint a picture for your prospects. Almost like that light at the end of the tunnel. Give them that!

Now, let’s get your Story out there!

Here’s the key to all of this. My last tip for you is to go out and share your story. In a month, you should be aiming to tell your story at least 100 times. This will not only help you become more comfortable in telling it but it will also help you make those connections the right way.

Naturally, once we’ve shared a story people want to reciprocate. This of course is where you want to utilize your active listening skills and asking open ended questions, being genuinely interested.

Go out there and share your story because it deserves to be heard.

Would you like some feedback on the story you’ve created? If so, let me know in the comments – I’m happy to help work through helping you deliver your story more effectively and consistency.

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